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Naibor Camps

Im Herzen der Massai Mara - authentisch und sympatisch.

Established 12 years ago in a stunning corner of the Masai Mara, Naibor Camps was initially designed and created by the well-renowned lodge and camp designer Anthony Russell and is owned by three like-minded Safari experts: Nigel Archer, Satyan Patel and Anthony Cheffings. 
With a dedicated professional team of Chefs, Guides, Front/Back of House Staff and Managers all extending warm hospitality, Naibor Camps has been privileged to welcome discerning guests from around the world.  Naibor Camps proudly supports and involves nearby Masai communities, employing many of our staff from neighbouring towns and villages. 
Our staff bring with them a wealth of knowledge, experience as well as a vested interest to nurture our incredible surroundings for the good of the people, wildlife and environment.

Sweeping pale canvas tents, with en-suite bathrooms, king-sized beds made from local fig-wood, wide sofas furnished with bolster cushions, and wool rugs – all bring “camping” into a new dimension, and form an outstanding base from which to embark on unforgettable explorations of the famed Masai Mara.

Main Naibor has a total of seven luxury tents, carefully positioned amongst the trees for complete privacy.

Little Naibor is made up of two uniquely designed spacious and luxurious suites for families and groups.

Naibor Wilderness: Three double/twin tents for those wanting complete privacy in an exclusive camp area.